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Kiley Wilkens-O'Brien, Founder

& her familiar Sir Fezzik, Greatest Dane

A lifelong Mainer, skilled researcher, and policy wonk devoted to social justice issues. I strive to create opportunities for diverse experiences to be expressed in the policymaking process. I have a lifetime of personal experiences from which I source my passion, drive, and dark sense of humor. I also have a decade of trauma...I mean experience... working at the cross-roads of justice and corrections, child and family services, health and human services, and end of life care. Covenstead is the formalization of my unique skillset created with a mission to shift culture. 

My greatest gift is an ability to bring people together to co-create. I seek high impact project based work and convene teams of passionate experts and visionaries. I believe the most meaningful work happens when people feel a sense of comfort, safety, and belonging. We use our unique talents and unconventional methods to complete projects that benefit the community and shift the status quo.​

Queer, cancer, enneagram 8w7, ENFP, hereditary witch, Rotarian.

If any of the above resonates with you, let's make some magic together.

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Senior Consultants


Hannah Olshansky


Hannah is a team builder, networker, and negotiator. She comes to us from start up and venture capital. She has travelled the globe gaining insight and expertise in sustainable business practices and workforce development. 

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Peter Wilkens

Peter is a strategic planner and system-level thinker. He excels at enhancing operational excellence. He is passionate about historic preservation and restoration.

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Health & Human Services

Nikki Williams, MPH

Nikki is a skilled community builder, facilitator, public speaker, and analyst. She works tirelessly to improve health & human services systems.

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Technology & Design

Sam Wilkens-O'Brien

Sam is a full-stack developer and designer. His portfolio includes cutting-edge software and hardware solutions. Sam is a classically trained musician and dancer. He is also one of only a handful of trained pipe organ tuners in the nation.

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Sarah Lederer


Sarah is an award-winning artist and accomplished graphic designer. Whether creating a logo, infographic, painting, or one-of-a-kind garment, Sarah puts her heart and soul into everything she creates.


Rev. Becca Lockwood

Faith & Spirituality

Becca skillfully engages challenging questions and above all is committed to justice-making. She assumes a posture of wonder in matters of spirituality and beliefs. Becca holds a Master of Divinity and has studied buddhist and pagan practices in the US and abroad.



Mason Norton

Mason is a subject matter expert in diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. He is also an experienced advocate and skilled navigator of complex social service systems. 

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