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Covenstead, LLC is a legal formalization of myself, Kiley Wilkens-O'Brien (she/her).


I founded Covenstead with a mission to shift culture and challenge the status quo.

Like me, the business is dynamic and accounts for social innovations and creative pursuits. My humanist existential philosophy is rooted in lived wisdom. My close brushes with death and devastating losses influence every aspect of my being.

Through it all I remain filled with love, gratitude, and wonder.

As a licensed social worker and certified death doula I recognize the importance of human connection to the soul retrieval process. It is an honor to hold space and witness people releasing shame and embracing their wholeness and richness.

I serve as public health and social justice strategist with a focus on preventing suicidal crisis and deaths of despair. I have a separate entity, Wilkens Consulting Group, for governance, policy, and strategic planning. This macro-level systems change work absolutely inspires my community care and cultural work.







All services are currently invitational.

Please complete the form below if you'd like to be considered.

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Invitations will be granted as time permits. Those who demonstrate the greatest level of need or desire will be given top priority. 

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