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What We Do

We serve policymakers, State of Maine staff, and other critical stakeholders by monitoring evolving trends in social challenges faced by the state and local communities including:

  • Child Welfare

  • End of Life & Death

  • Behavioral Health

  • Despair & Ambivalence

  • Reentry & Recidivism


We identify, share, and encourage the adoption of promising, best, andevidence-based practices that support the resilience and emotional health of historically marginalized Mainers.


We provide technical assistance, training tools, and consultation to teams deploying strategies which promote coordination among public health, human services, public safety, justice, corrections, education, and community service systems.


We engage interdisciplinary teams in planning and implementation of strategic action plans for interdisciplinary teams; including facilitation, technical assistance, and coordination of Policy Academies.


We support the training of state staff, legislators, stakeholders, and service providers on use of integrated data and technology systems to evaluate population health and health equity.


We develop custom technology and/or data solutions to reduce administrative burden for system utilizers and direct care providers.

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